Ralph Stone and Company, Inc.
Los Angeles Geotechnical / Environmental Engineers and Geologists

Types of Work Ralph Stone and Company Performs

Soils / Geotechnical / Geology 

  • Site Exploration and Design Recommendations
  • Soils/Geology Reports
  • Landslide Investigation and Stabilization Recommendations
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Soils/Bedrock Testing
    • Moisture Content
    • Dry Density
    • Maximum Density & Optimum Moisture Content
    • Atterberg Limits
    • Direct Shear
    • Consolidation/Hydroconsolidation
    • Expansion Index 
    • Sieve Analysis
    • Hydrometer Analysis
    • Corrosion Potential (Sulfate, Chloride, Resistivity and pH)
    • R-Value
    • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
  • Construction/Field Observations and Tests
  • Foundation Distress Investigations
    • Floor Level Manometer Surveys
    • Moisture Intrusion
    • Expansive Soils
  • Fault Trench Studies
  • Seismic Risk Analysis Consulting


  • Property Contamination Assessments
    • Environmental Phase I audits of properties
    • Site Phase II contamination investigations, sampling and testing
    • Preparation of remedial action plans
    • Supervision of site cleanup activities
    • Risk assessments
  • Asbestos Consulting
  • Radon Gas Consulting 
  • Lead in Paint Consulting 
  • Mold and Moisture Damage Consulting 
  • Seismic Risk Analysis Consulting 
  • Underground Tanks and Clarifiers
    • Leakage investigations
    • Tank and Clarifier closure
  • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Provides services for compliance with RCRA, CERCLA, CalEPA regulations
    • Waste reduction and minimization
    • Hazardous waste management plans
    • Design hazardous materials and waste storage facilities
    • Review new construction for environmental contamination risks
  • Industrial Services
    • Hazardous chemical/waste storage facilities design
    • Industrial waste management
    • Methane Gas
      • Methane gas sampling
      • Design of methane gas protection systems for all types of private, commercial and industrial buildings
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